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Garlic is one kind when we eat via regular meeting at ordinary times feeds capable person, and often eat garlic to still can be fought phlogistic, antiseptic, it is very tall to the advantage of person body, and still have a special taste, basically oneself plant this kind of garlicLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, not be feral, still have feral small garlic actually, what value of feral small garlic nutrition wants to compare garlic is a few taller, what do the effect of that wild small garlic and action have?

The effect of wild small garlic and action?

The effect of small garlic and action

1. disappear bilges acetanilide

Wild garlic laborious falls painstakingly all right, a gas guides sluggish, disappear bilges acetanilide result. The Wan abdomen ruffian of sluggish of the algidity that treat a stomach bilges completely painful, but with galangal, arenaceous benevolence, wood is sweet be equal to be like stagnation of the circulation of vital energy of the bowel that treat a stomach with; , in have diarrhoea dysentery urgent hind heavy,

2. comes loose cold dispel pain or numbness caused by cold

Wild garlic laborious comes loose to fall painstakingly, Wen Tong slippery benefit, be apt to comes loose Yin Han’s move sluggishly, the Yang Zhi that connect a chest shuts a knot, it is those who treat pectoral pain or numbness caused by cold to want drug. Govern this world of sluggish of cold phlegmy block, bosom card of pain or numbness caused by cold of bosom of depressed be caused by, often wait for conpatibility of medicines with fact of melon Lou, the tuber of pinellia, trifoliate orange, can be equal with skin of Lou of the root of red-rooted salvia, the rhizome of chuanxiong, melon with.

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3. connects this world to come loose written guarantee

Wild garlic connects this world to come loose knot, this world of phlegmy move sluggishly of usable Yu Han, bosom is depressed, disease sees pectoral frowsty be discouraged, pectoral back is prickled etc, namely angina of coronary heart disease, but with melon Lou, the root of red-rooted salvia, piece turmeric, cassia twig, 5 clever fat, peach kernel, safflower, high aspiration, agalloch eaglewood is used together, or use together with melon Lou, the tuber of pinellia. Xie of the Lou that be like melon from soup of the tuber of pinellia.

The gas below 4. goes sluggish

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Wild garlic can issue air travel sluggish, use after dysentery of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy of intestines and stomach, have diarrhoea to weigh, can be equal with fact of the root of Chinese thorowax, peony, trifoliate orange with,

5. is promoted metabolize

Content of wild garlic vitamin, carotene is high, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, conduce to the metabolism that raises human body.

6. able-bodied bones and muscles

The inorganic salt content such as the calcium of wild garlic, phosphor is extremely high, often edible is helpful for able-bodied bones and muscles, special long-term to becoming children and the old person that lack calcium have good nutrient value.

The effect of wild small garlic and action?

Nutrient value

Main edible part is wild garlic tender bine leaf, bulb, its nutrition composition, entire individual plant of every 100 grams contains protein 3.4g, adipose 0.4g, carbohydrate 26g, crude fibre 0.9g, calcic 100mg, phosphorous 53mg, iron 4.6mg, carotene 0.09mg, 0.08mg of sulfur amine element, element 0.14mg, ascorbic acid 36mg, the Buddhist nun overcomes acerbity 1mg.

1, the basis that wild garlic place contains garlic hot element is vulcanization propylene, have fall fat action, and sexual flavour laborious is lukewarm, can lukewarm this world comes loose knot, can use at treating high cholesterol and disease of tall blood fat.

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2, the garlic hot element that wild garlic place contains can be antiseptic antiphlogistic, have apparent inhibition to a variety of bacteria, treat the effect to affecting a disease to have.

3, the special aroma that wild garlic place contains and piquancy, can promote digestive function, increase appetite, still can strengthen haemal circulation, have the effect with diuresis wet dispel.

The effect of wild small garlic and action?

The edible method of small garlic

1, small garlic is fried1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Fabaceous skin

Small garlic has a variety of differring have a way, mix it at ordinary times fabaceous skin put together frying eat, taste is particularly good, frying when making, need cuts fabaceous skin into filiform, small garlic also shifts to an earlier date abluent cut paragraph of account later, oil is put in frying pan, chopped green onion is put to fry after heating sweet, turn over fabaceous skin and small garlic into boiler together subsequently fry, fry divide evenly to add edible salt to flavor later, fry again make 2 minutes give boiler to install directly dish OK edible.

2, sauce bloats Xiao garlic

Small it is OK to come loose to be returned at ordinary times decoct is worn eat, again souse when need preparation is new small garlic, 500 grams, edible salt and vinegar and oyster sauce juice each are right amount1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Prepare a few, put ready flavoring together make makings juice, clean small garlic clean next cut paragraph of account, in be being put in makings juice sealed souse 3 can let small garlic tasty to 5 days, it is OK that when wanting to eat, edible is taken out at any time.

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