Chinese sea alarm the boat enters Diaoyu Island cruise of 12 sea mile patrols by Japan the boat dogs

On March 16 morning, 3 of great capacities that be subordinate to attribute上海千花社区

s Chinese sea police station alarm the boat enters Diaoyu Island cruise of 12 sea mile executes the law, patrol by hall of Japan上海贵族宝贝交流区

ese maritime security personnel of the boat dog and monitor. Province of Japanese foreign affairs calls China to be stationed in Japanese embassy subsequently, xiang Zhongfang puts forward to protest badly.

The report said Japanese NHK TV station on March 16, the 11st abbacy of classics Japan Naha is maritime security personnel cadre patrols the boat affirms, beijing time on March 16 morning 9 when the left and right sides, 3 China sea alarm the boat is ordinal enter maritime space of the isle austral Diaoyu Island to undertake cruise. 3 seas alarm the boat borders in Diaoyu Island since 14 days maritime space undertakes persistent all the time cruise. To this, boat of patrol of day Fang Xun issues a warning continuously, square ship sails immediately in the requirement from relevant maritime space. NHK TV station says, this is since Feburary 27 in square official b上海贵族宝贝

oat enters Diaoyu Island ag爱上海同城论坛

ain 12 sea mile, just b上海龙凤论坛

e in in when this maritime space executes the law, grow already accumulative total 7 days.

In sufferring square official boat again be related of 12 sea mile affects cruis爱上海龙凤419桑拿

e Diaoyu Island, guard of Japanese government height, the information contact room that is in the setting management center of crisis of premier official mansions upgrades for room of official mansions countermeasure, information is collected related in order to and strengthen alert.

Additional, oceanian bureau of Asia of province of Japanese foreign affairs discusses an official to fall plain true tree is medium still cruise of square official boat calls China to be stationed in day of embassy, put forward to protest badly, allege Japan of Diaoyu Island department is inherent and domanial, in be opposite, square ship enters Diaoyu Island 12 sea mile express to regret extremely, in asking, square ship sails instantly from relevant maritime space.

About Chinese official business the boat is in be related of cruise of Diaoyu Island maritime space, chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever emphasized for many times, diaoyu Island reachs his the inherent territory that accessary islands is China. Chinese sea alarm the boat forms into columns in cruise of Diaoyu Island territorial sea, be lawfully the official action of exercise dominion. Day just has no right to make carding comments.

(Original title: Chinese sea alarm the boat enters Diaoyu Island matters outside one’s job of day of cruise of 12 sea mile saves protest)

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