Chinese Tie Jianan elder brother pulls this case to pull railroad complete to become this state rate is the rapiddest railroad

Beijing of China News Service electric reporter will build Inc. from Chinese iron on August 13 (iron of China of the following abbreviation is built) know, this case pulls Angola railroad rebuilds project at Beijing time the whole line is complete on August 13,阿拉爱上海同城

be about to operation of formal be open to traffic. This is the century on afterwards after the calm assist railroad that Chinese aid builds seventies, chinese Tie Jiancai allows overseas with Chinese mark the longest railroad that one-time building.

Full-length this case of 1344 kilometers pulls railroad, atlantic haven city has on the west Luobituo, the border town Lu Ao of border on of as democratic as Congo republic comes east, bengela, 10 thousand rich, Kui holds by way of in the palm, the main city such as Luaina, it is Angola the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces compares the main t新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

horoughfare that holds economic corridor in the palm. This project designs speed per hour 90 kilometers, for this country the railroad with throughout history the rapiddest rate.

This case pulls railroad project to always inv上海夜网论坛

est about 1.83 billion dollar, build EPC(of 20 bureaus group to design by Chinese iron – purchase – construction) always contract, use Chinese railroad to build a standard entirely to construction from the design, the material such as equipment of rail, cement, communication is purchased from China entirely, throw the equipment such as the engine car after operation to also be offerred by Chinese enterprise.

Build vise general manager of 20 bureaus group to hold direct of Angola engineering command post concurrently to grow Introduction Liu Feng according to Chinese iron, handle the typical case that builds at African area railroad successfully as Chinese standard, at the beginning of this project is being started, use European standard or Chinese level after all, ever had generated very big controversy. The Angola that Portugues上海龙凤论坛sh1f

e colony ever was on the history compares trustful Europe level, but final China enterprise depended on lower quoted price, more reasonable time limit for a project and higher quality acceptance to persuade them successfully, the railroad such as Luoanda, Bengela overhaul project is handed in be in charge of by Chinese enterprise.

Chinese iron builds Lei Shengxiang of president of 20 bureaus group to express, in railroad上海千花社区

construction process of nearly 10 years, chinese enterprise recruits nearly 100 thousand person-time to be engaged in Luoanda and Bengela in all two railroad project, worker of many 10 thousand place masters professional skill. In addition, because the matter such as traffic accident, disease, landmine dies,still have worker of more than 20 China.

To this, angola president Duosisangtuosi agrees to be near capital Luo Anda the An Youyi in building is monumental, for Angola with recall afterwar railroad rebuilds those who make sac上海同城对对碰交友社区

rifice is medium bring two countries worker.

Historical data shows, this case pulls railroad to was begun the earliest to build 1902 by Portuguese colonist, be open to traffic came 1929 Congo border land, construction process is as long as nearly 30 years. The special landform such as marsh of along the line of be enslaved to be enslaved to, virgin forest is affected, the train after debutting runs speed per hour only 30 kilometers left and right sides. After Angola is independent 1975, in the civil war that is as long as 27 years, angola churchyard is all railroad line is blown up entirely almost.

The personage inside course of study thinks, just railroad regards the Bengela of complete as Congo (gold) , the inland country such as Zambia is important go to sea passageway, will great reduce the resource such as these national copper mine to export cost. In the meantime, pass join Zambia, Congo (gold) , the network of circumjacent state railway such as Mozambique, propose form the railroad big channel from Atlantic direct the indian ocean, promote region economy development greatly. (Dawn of Pang of reporter Liu Chen Yao)

(original title: Complete of the longest railroad makes Angola outside Chinese Tie Jianhai the first speed)

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