Australia patrols machine detect the 5th times doubt is like signal of black box pulse

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f news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to patrol machine detect the 5th times is doubt like: of origin of signal of black box pulse? Qu Xian?2014-04-11 12:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel [summary] up to now, “Marine aegis ” date warship already diagnosed underwater pulse signal in same sea area.

The 5th! It is the plane is measured this

Bay patrol machine diagnose doubt to be like signal of black box pulse in same sea area again

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The net austral Fujian Australia searched question on April 11 370 airliners coordinate Ma Hang jointly the center makes a statement 10 days, confirm bay army ” Orion ” patrol machine be in that day afternoon Australia ” marine aegis ” maritime space diagnoses underwater doubt to be like signal o上海千花网交友

f black box pulse again near date warship.

Statement cite coordinates a center to always coordinate a person to rest Si Dui’s word says, “The data that sound of this infrasonic sound contacts needs the same night to undertake an analysis, it is likely very give out by man-made device ” .

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The time that because be apart from at present,senses signal is shorter, statement did not announce more content. Harmonious center expresses, if coll上海千花网龙凤论坛

ect arrives more information, will seasonable release external.

Up to now, “Marine aegis ” date warship already diagnosed underwater pulse signal in same sea area.

Hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduces Ma Hang 10 days to break couplet on routine press conference when the plane seeks a condition, express, already entered the crucial phase that searchs for black box at present, chinese maritime force will be exhausted hard.

□ is relevant

Beautiful intermediary: Search for black box difficulty great

American media points out 10 days with respect to the difficulty that rescue, plane black box is searched for in sea floor, stand in tall summit as be below the circumstance that does not have the light, try to find ground a case.

The report points out, rescue personnel twice to be in recently south the doubt that the indian ocean detects is like signal to come from 15000 feet (1 foot adds up to 0.3048 meters about) deep sea floor. What form contrast to it is, the Statue of Liberty of American new York only 305 feet tall, iron tower of Er of French dust humble also has 1063 feet only. The Dibaihalifada with highest whole world is 2717 feet.

Report the word of marine biologist points out cite, 15000 feet of deep sea floor are hydraulic get greatly breathtaking, can pulverize everything, only minority carries person submarine to be able to bear. Report, the job that seeks a plane already made original阿爱上海同城

ly life Wei, and debris from deep-sea in it is more difficult that fish out comes. Because be in,the Tai Tan Buddhist nun that last centuries strike 上海贵族宝贝交流区

an iceberg and sinks restrains number, its debris is current still sleep deeply is in 12500 feet of deep underwater. (In Xin Xinhua)

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