2016 touch Fujian: Middle school ” renown division ” illuminate countryside to teach 19 years

Chinese class of Zheng Feng, particularly rich appeal

19 years ago, because the poliomyelitis falls,issue 2 class deformity, walk disadvantageous Zheng Feng, disregard parental opposition, in Na Ping city learning to arrange prosperous county border to meet in be determined to leave the country of 23 kilometers of county, learn to teach, very fear the school can take care of me, let me make rear service.

Now, border will be medium the renown school that learned place, with in take an examination of achievement to not be defeated by suitable prosperous one medium and famed. Zheng Feng is the star teacher of this school, hold the position of 15 years continuously first the Chinese teacher of 29 graduation class, achievement is taken an examination of for many times to rank entire county in the student the first.

My tweedle sob tear is 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

devoid / me this distance far remand prairie, zheng Feng of 45 years old holds a guitar in the arms, the poetry that sings and plays lake on Chinese classroom ” in September ” . He says, in countryside, should trying education and quality education also is can effective union, I feel oneself more like a craftsman, ground of every little bit will be humanitarian spirit, in the heart that introduces rural child.

Disregard family to object resolutely middle school of take root country

Save outstanding classmaster, province 爱上海同城论坛

teacher of the 3rd prominent people, countrywide model teacher and hang overhead honor to be compared, zheng Feng prefers quietly teach.

1992, zheng Feng graduates from Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Na Ping teachers training school, allocate excellent native place to arrange prosperous county foreign mouth to press down a technical secondary school, parents is very happy, leave home close, convenient take care of. Can stay 5 years, zheng peak experience is less than joy, duty factor is more relaxed, basically be to give a worker eliminate illiteracy.

When teach learning in putting forward to want to be met to devious border when him, parents objects to the utmost, your ability to walk is no-go, who takes care of you on the life? And run so outlying rural area works, you cannot find wife! Stem from pair of occupational to have deep love for, also want to challenge oneself Zheng Feng, still choose to learn.

Go up century the suitable prosperous countryside of 90 time, hill road rugged, traffic inconvenience, and rustic education is the difficult problem that faces child discontinue one’s studying more.

The country is poor at that time, tuitional not low, the child of discontinue one’s studying is not little. But I think, the contrail that is born with later generations without giving thought to how, should finish the education of junior high school at least. Zheng Feng is recollected, the child that goes up for the class also cannot little, he and colleague leased aircraft of a Chai San, a home does a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers, went border meeting all dorp新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

, the place that Chai San machine cannot reach, I walk. Monsoon hill road is muddy, often throw clay figurine.

Chief tells a reporter related bureau of education of suitable prosperous county, the class that Zheng Feng takes almost 0 discontinue one’s studying, make the model of entire county teacher.

Fumble rustic teaching method arouses the potential of children

Time of 19 years, in those days a lot of colleagues return a city to work, dan Zhengfeng did not go. The fellow says, with education achievement of Zheng Feng and qualifications and record of service, can be competent completely the 爱上海同城

job of an any county middle schools. But he says, what countryside does not have a city is blatant, can more time fumble the task of Chinese learns in how teaching nice rural area. 2016, he still undertook the course of Chinese of junior high school of a middle school, for two school roundtrip and convenient, still employed a full-time designedly rub driver.

On classroom, the heat with discussion newest city of Zheng Feng and student broadcasts American movie ” hacksaw mountain ” , inspire a student to ponder over war and devotional problem. He takes the liked writer such as Ji Xianlin, Mo Yan, Maerkesi, lake, Lin Qingxuan into classroom.

Chinese is the fundamental course that accumulates a gender, compare with child photograph of the city, the foundation of rural child will be some more fragile. Zheng Feng says, just began him also method of it doesn’t matter, the course is accumulated for years, he summed up a teaching method that suits rural child: First apace the knowledge textbook is tuitional be over, guide student root to occupy individuation next think widen outside reading. Realize scenery and passional impact to allow a student, when he is preparing teaching plan, even will ” red broomcorn ” the character of all version of drama of movie and TV and Mo Yan make uniform.

I do not like the education of force-feed duck type, I should arouse the potential of each child, let them fall in love with Chinese, enjoy literal reading pleasure. Zheng Feng thinks, compare with exam achievement photograph, more important is to want will true, be apt to, beauty to introduce in the child’s heart, ignite their longing to ideal.

He is very warm in student key point he is very dinkum in colleague eye

I cannot forget one day that forever afternoon, rain falls very greatly, mr. Zheng looks for me lamely, let me answer the school to attend class. In last few years, the student that Mr. Zheng Feng teachs, meet 5 years of 10 anniversary, parties, can invite him, memory of ground of metropolis become enamoured has many students the setting of erst warmth.

Many students are impressive to Zheng Feng’s class: Two years ago, zheng Feng reads aloud an essay on classroom ” the room of the wife ” when, the to the family member longing in the article, touch whole class classmate so that cri上海夜网论坛

ed. Once, because smash sexual fracture, mr. Zheng is sitting wheelchair, lean on a stick is worn crutch, attend the composition class of scenery depict to us.

Peak of colleague evaluation Zheng is a dinkum idealist, and Zheng Feng thinks he is not tall to corporeal requirement, just like teach school.

Take root learns nearly 20 years in countryside, zheng Feng formed his distinctive education color, achievement is taken an examination of for many times to obtain entire county in the student the first, transfer to border learns the child that attracting many circumjacent villages and towns is a county even in the meeting read. And he or a research, scholar teacher, altogether compose paper of education of many 20 education, the bear the palm in appraise through comparison of various and excellent paper waits in country, province, obtain suitable prosperous county and Na Ping city to say class, open class and first prize of bitty education match for many times.

Zheng Feng tells a reporter, last weekend he attends drive one’s deceased father, come up against 3 students in examination room unexpectedly. Mr. Zheng, let him feel particularly good, when you are grey-haired, on the train, on the bus, in new city, encounter old student suddenly上海同城对对碰交友社区

, suddenly turn one’s head, all paying, hard, you can feel is worthiness. (Reporter Zhou Deqing / article Huang Qipeng / graph)

Responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin

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