Massacre You You lets Qing Hao turn China into divine medicine: Fujian is feral and mountainous civilian burn when bavin

The net austral Fujian on October 7 dispatch 5 days, chinese female medicine learns behead of You of domestic massacre You to obtain Nobel physiological or medical award, green Hao element is fixed eyes upon by the world, qing Hao also is gifted Chinese god medicine, help careless, the small grass with this ordinary individual plant became the central issue that everybody pays close attention to.

Yesterday, the reporter interviews many expert, understanding is fond of to Qing Hao wet, often grow in riparian, arenaceous ground, valley and seaside. Its familial very giant, have hundreds of variety, but have officinal value at present have chrysanthemum Hao only, be in Fujian area, also have many feral chrysanthemum Hao.

Qing Hao is in Fujian is a mountainous area very common (the data pursues)

You You deer cries, feed wild Ping

Feral Qing Hao is mountainous civilian burn when bavin

In Fujian a mountainous area, qing Hao is everywhere after the house before the room. Eulogy of Qiu of expert of hall of medical service of professor of college of medicine of Fujian traditional Chinese medical science, nation is smooth say, qing Hao grows very easily, leaf is bottle green, individual plant tall 40~150 centimeter above, blossom in summerly fall normally. It contains the part such as element of naphtha, green Hao, can drop in temperature solution is hot, still can help a sweat, it is a kind of cheap medicinal herbs, to damp and hot, hotly, the tuberculosis, cancer, malaria, the turn of life low fever that cause, have pretty good drug effect. For this, the hill of many familiar medicinal herbs civilian often collect a Qing Hao, after boil water or wringing juice, drink when cool tea, eat when potherb even.

Qiu Song makes the same score memory to say, in last centuries 669 time, there also is a green Hao academy in Fuzhou, study Qing Hao technically. The country starts 523 projects (last centuries 60 time, the helminth that causes malaria already produced resistance to the action of a drug to commonly used at that time medicaments, chinese government starts 523 projects, aim to find have the new structure, new-style remedy fighting impaludism that overcomes resistance to the action of a drug) when, this academy may be one of the main force of research and development that the country organizes in countrywide each district, main at that time controller still suffers invite American communication.

The world of high experiment normal school of pharmaceutical college of university of medicine of Fujian traditional Chinese medical science bright also say, begin from 2008, the Chinese traditional medicine that university of medicine of Fujian traditional Chinese medical science is doing complete province all the time resource census, discover Fujian each district has many feral green Hao. Especially after a few land are bedraggled, chairman goes out piece Qing Hao, grow happy seaside to have very much Qing Hao, the one belt austral Fujian also has Hao of a lot of chrysanthemum. But these Hao grass are collected rarely, mostly emerge of itself and perish of itself, be regarded as even burn-up of fireweed, firewood, because the aguish incidence of a disease of Fujian is low,basically be, qing Hao grows quickly again, e爱上海同城对对碰

conomic value is not high.

Controlled 2006, always spring the county ever brought kind of one Hao that approve blueness, still plan to be popularized 爱上海同城手机版

energetically, build a division of 1500 mus biology pharmacy garden, but economic benefits is bad, fail to go down continuously. Current, what cultivate Qing Hao artificially in Fujian is not much.

Assistant dean Xu Wei analyses pharmaceutical college of university of medicine of Fujian traditional Chinese medical science, current, with Qing Hao element copes with malaria, already matured quite with medicine, for this researcher not much. Medicinal material factory can extract the green Hao sick at heart with the higher content in Qing Hao again, synthesize partly next get green Hao element, must not extract in direct Cong Qinghao, the farmer that so Fujian cultivates Qing Hao is very few.

Green Hao brother shoulds not be optional and picked more

Qing Hao has hundreds of variety, appearance differs each, xu Wei says, these Hao are petaline and careless lamina, rootstock, different, effect is distinct also, common Hao having blueness, chrysanthemum Hao, male Hao, capillary artemisia Hao, floret Hao, current, can extract green Hao element, have chrysanthemum Hao only. At the beginning, green Hao element also calls chrysanthemum element, chrysanthemum Hao element, later, to indicate the concern of it and Chinese traditional medicine, ability is unified call Qing Hao element. Again later, pharmacopoeia changes chrysanthemum Hao Hao calling blueness, it is Qing Hao’s quality goods surely, many people feel green to Cong Qinghao extracts Hao element by accident.

Xu Wei says, chrysanthemum Hao serves as a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, contain hundreds of kinds of chemical part, include naphtha or yellow ketone part among them. Accordingly it calculates decoction of course high temperature, became cool tea, medicinal herbs, same also the can clear hot weather that heat up solution. But once heat 60 Celsius, the structure of green Hao element is destroyed, can lose active, kill protozoon of not dead cruel.

Cannot c爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ollect Qing Hao in disorder, xu Wei reminds, of Qing Hao familial very giant, some differences are very slight. Normally, researcher can identify according to experience, perhaps observe the cellular feature of Hao grass in the section below microscope, use modern technology possibly still to undertake an analysis, still must use 3 kinds of methods integratedly sometimes, the breed of grass of ability appraisal Hao. The citizen of not familiar pharmacodynamics is collected probably by accident. And, ministry of Public Health announces ” medicine feeds amphibious catalog ” in do not have chrysanthemum Hao, for this, drink Qing Hao when cool tea, did not pass scientific proof, may poisonous side-effect. He suggests, the citizen answers to use Qing Hao below the doctor’s guidance, the person with taste cold empty should drink green Hao juice less more.

Although An Youyang is green,distributing Hao alone

Qing Hao distributings very wide, the content of Dan Qinghao element, what follow producing area however is different have very big difference. The reporter consults data, understanding arrives outside removing zone of part of Chongqing the eastpart part, Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan, the world mostly the content of green Hao element in the Qing Hao that the area produces is very low, without use value. Concern sectional investigation according to the country, inside global limits, chinese Chongqing the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches is only in relief the green Hao element that area Wumu mountain range grows, just have indu上海龙凤论坛

stry to abstract value.

You Yangqing Hao helps advance somebody’s career amount of early, grow is large, still have special situation and climate requirement, make content of green Hao element high, foreign matter is little, extract easily, in interviewing, the staff member of local media says, this world of Chongqing the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches is called the countryside of world green Hao, it is base of the world’s mainest green Hao production, also be爱上海同城对对碰

the rich collect area of high content of element of global green Hao, content of element of average Q上海夜网

ing Hao is as high as 8, the content of green Hao element that the part actors or actress selection is planted can achieve 16, house world is highest. The whole world most probably raw material Qing Hao comes from heavy Qing Youyang, its production cultivates a technology to already passed national GAP attestation, you Yangqing Hao is product of protection of national geography mark.

To this kind of particular medicaments resource, the country concerns ministries and commissions from last centuries 80 time begin to set with respect to proclaimed in writing, the former plant to green Hao element (Qing Hao) , seed, dry Xian Quancao and drug of raw material of Qing Hao element are same prohibit exporting.

By last year July, the much home media such as finance and economics of Chinese news network, Chongqing news network, phoenix reports, you Yangqing Hao is seleted successfully first in Europe geography indicates protective detailed list chooses roll fully.

For this, you Yang invests 150 million yuan, increased research and development of content of crude drug of abstraction of medicaments of element of construction of green Hao base, green Hao, develop and production, established limited company of pharmacy of hill of hill of Chongqing China square fierce, built green Hao element, Shuang Qingqing product line of ester of Hu of aether of armour of Hao element, Hao, Qing Hao, produce per year green Hao element 40 tons, ramification of Qing Hao element 35 tons, it is the enterprise that Qing Hao takes the lead in passing national GMP attestation inside vegetable production domain, become home is the at present earliest, the medicine of raw material of Qing Hao element with the biggest, the most all ready breed produces the world base. Area is protected in place, qing Hao is cultivated already realized dimensions to change, only You Yang realizes Qing Hao to cultivate 100 thousand mus, crop can amount to 10 thousand tons of above, realize production value 150 million yuan.

All previous gets inspiration via medical book of labyrinthian ancient time

Go up century 669 time, other orgnaization of the group of massacre You You and China cooperates, investigated preparation of a variety of 2000 Chinese herbal medicine, chose among them 640 kinds of prescription that treat malaria possibly, finally, get from inside 200 kinds of medicinal herbs 380 kinds extract content, fight malaria to detect with what go up in body of small white rat, just discovered green Hao element, initiated malaria to treat new method, global number person because this kind of Chinese god medicine and be benefited.

The prescription of Ge Hong of the Western Jin Dynasty gave me inspiration, massacre You You ever pointed out to media, she sees Ge Hong ” ancon is mothball urgent square ” the prescription that recorded malaria of a cure, qing Hao is grasped, with water 2 litres of be soiled, wring take juice, all take, she just suddenly be enlightened cannot heat Qing Hao, she thought of to want to be extracted with ether.

Ge Hong is Jiangsu sentence the person that allow a county, it is scholar of Taoism of the Eastern Jin dynasty, also be home of make pills of immortality, medicine learns the home, medicine of dawn of essence of life and materia medica, advocate Taoism priest holds long medical skill concurrently. Medical composing ” ancon is mothball urgent square ” , the means of the title often can be fully after ancon (belt beside) lash-up book, be ought to stock is practical book. The prescription that relieves urgent need in great quantities was collected in the book, it is Ge Hong be collected in practise medicine, itinerary process and choose, his specially chose the medicaments that a few easier lane go to, it is very cheap also to although must spend money,be bought, changed the prescription of help sb to deal with an emergency previously to understand not easily, medicaments searchs hard, the malady with high price.

Ge Hong very notice to study acute disease, namely the acute contagion that our nowadays place says, in ancient time people is in charge of it to call a day punishment, consider as a day falling disaster, it is do mischief of ghosts and gods. Be in ” ancon is mothball urgent square ” in this book, he is the earliest account a few contagion, if the symptom of disease of smallpox, tsutsugamushi mite reachs make a diagnosis and give treatment. He is written, ghosts and gods does not cause acute disease, however medium the pestilence of the outside is angry.

Nowadays, we already knew, acute contagion is microbial (include protozoon, bacterium, establish a gram small system of second family name and virus) cause, these microbial at least should magnify hundreds of times ability sees, 1600 still do not have microscope before New Year more, ge Hong can exclude belief however, point out those who cause to acute disease is the corporeal element of the outside, this kind of opinion is very marvelous. Dean Dan Xuwei assistant points out, current, ” ancon is mothball urgent square ” use lesser already, not be classical literature of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, there is the view of a few mistakes in article.

The name of You You

Take from The Book of Songs

Massacre You You is born in Zhejiang peaceful wave, the name sounds very special. When father gives a name to her, bring from ” The Book of Songs ” You You Lu Ming, feed wild Hao. Dai Zhuxi of the Song Dynasty is noted say, hao namely Qing Hao also. Have scholastic laugh talk, early expect of old perhaps gentleman, daughter general and green Hao knot leave the reason that indissoluble.

You You deer cries, feed wild Ping. I have a honored guest, bosomy a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument plays a reed pipe wind instrument.

Blow sheng to rouse reed, bear basket is will. Of the person good me, show my week travel.

You You deer cries, feed wild Hao. I have a honored guest, clear of heart sound hole.

Inspect civilian not , gentleman is it is effect.

I have aim alcoholic drink, yan Yiao of honored guest type.

You You deer cries, feed wild Qin. I have a honored guest, bosomy a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument rouses musical instrument.

Bosomy a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument rouses musical instrument, and happy and crystal clear.

I have aim alcoholic drink, with the heart of swallow happy honored guest. (the sea reporter Chen Yanyan)

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