Award of 2017 Nobel literature announces Shi Hei of day of descendants England fictionist brief introduction of one male work

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Stone Hei Yixiong

From stone Hei Yixiong wins a prize He Chunwen of award of literature of Er of Tan Nuo shellfish learns

Annual for a time the center that Nobel literature award awards prize always is public opinion and public attention, also can cause the harangue of people. The interesting point of the last few years always cares the Chun Shu on the village to always be accompanied in the media at China and public run and cannot win a prize. This turned a focus of award of literature of public attention Nobel into the place.

Stone Hei Yixiong won a prize 2017, learn in He Chunwen do not feel strange among relevant people, his fame is in international is huge in belletristic circle. 上海龙凤论坛sh1f

This award namely solid the affirmation that returns to the name. This England writer, although be Japanese descendants, but what keeping work is special England wind however, without the trace that a bit culture conflicts, unlike is hard to blend in on the culture that descendants writer often involves other foreign country, the contradiction that crosses culture to live and anguish. He is written very much like old-style Englishman, but have delicate and complex psychology show again, chinese introduction is very actually much also. He has name in belletristic bound after 80 time, also must resemble cloth capturing prize too the belletristic award of such mainstream. Work is very much also, also can compose continuously, maintain creation power to arrive all the time now. His main work has had the translation of Chinese actually. His novel has relatively specific realistically frame, also have the observation of mixed psychological picture and human nature, what modernistic skill uses is very natural, have quite tall reputation all the time so. His masterpiece nature was to get what cloth captures prize ” long day leaves mark ” , that book behaves the sort of life form of old Englishman and its be on the wane darkly all the more. ” do not let me go ” the element of the science fiction that joined shock letting a person in the style of Anglicism. This book still is his consistent style it seems that, added the element of Song of Jing letting a person however. Assemble the joys and sorrows of clone person and his consistent fuse that write a law, make a person impressive.

The motion picture that his work adapts is famous also, famous Zhanmusiyiwoli has directed two, one is ” long day leaves mark ” an adapted interpret for ” leave day having feeling ” the film, the actor also is famous Aimashangpusen. The film that this was 1993. Another ” countess ” the about old Shanghai film that is his playwrite, also have original atmosphere very much. It serves to show of its f上海千花网龙凤论坛

ame big, of the influence big.

He has fun at to China and Shanghai all along, still have ” Shanghai is orphan ” also be to write 30 time Shanghai. His work does not look completely to give Japan’s emigrant vague impression, it is its most distinctive place, write the story that concerns with Shanghai, also be English perspective. His belletristic group name in the whole world actually very big, win a prize not any strange.

As to everybody feel to had not listened to say this person, not strange. It is this whole world actually belletristic circle, have a space early with general public. That part that is interested in western literature most in literary youth of China just has fun at to this. Although his work majority is in China to interpret uprights, but great master is not old to the interest of these belletristic work. Because their skill is more complex, psychological show is very late, average person is read without how old interest, it is influential in professional circle and belletristic young numerous reader only, but this is Nobel literature award get numerous ring basically. Nobel literature award is a global belletristic award, it is general the writer that award gives is in this circle. Want some conditions to need to satisfy, it is the skill that the writer uses in work should be compared complex, amid of modernistic the following complex skill is behaved adequately, let work withstand be unscrambled complexly. Of course normally work has even now realistically frame and the entry that allow a reader to be cut easily. The 2 expression that are p上海夜网论坛

air of human nature want development, at the same time psychological depict or indicative wait apply freely. 3 it is famous in belletristic circle long already, writing is stabilized continuously, maintain level. Stone Hei Yixiong this 3 person have, winning a prize also is inevitable.


ne hero can say Shi Hei is the most typical global belletristic author. Nobel literature award is the top prize with belletristic whole world. Thoughout the history literature has decorous with common cent, but now on this meaning belletristic it is 19 centuries end after arriving at the beginning of 20 centuries, after modernistic literature rises abruptly, begin to appear. Modernistic literature is more complex to human understanding, also develop gave a very complex skill, at that time belletristic began to have a space with general public gradually. The writer of its earliest delegate is like Qiaoaisi ” Youlixisi ” or Kafuka’s work is waited a moment. These work are medium after generation lives and reading ability general extensive to change, what a batch of small to multiple choice culture have fun at is medium in producing small numerous those who be interested. At the same time the development that wait also yields the literary theory in higher education understand complicated text version read had more careful method. Formed so internationally circle, from publish, read decide on awards through discussion to form a whole system. Be in whole before 20 centuries half leaf, this kind of modernistic like a rising wind and scudding clouds, have a lot of Great Master and school, a lot of radical experiments are waited a moment, formed the center of literary bound. This kind belletristic look each country reader is not much, but also formed a kind of force in the whole world. A global belletristic circle was formed gradually. Belletristic the dividing line with common literature is very clear also, can say be an one should care his own business.

This kind belletristic the development of the part of a historical period of 20 centuries second half that ends to cold war as end of World War II, to recently these year stabilize gradually changed. Recently these year, belletristic mainstream is to have complex modernistic the psychological depict later and indicative wait, but have again basically realistically frame and story. Too radical experiment or too traditional do not accept favour realistically. Complex skill and human expression just have purity, not legible, have illuminate space, ability has depth, ability lets a person analyse. But realistically frame story has mark again but abide, can consider, also can have opposite a bit some wider read. The writing of one hero can say Shi Hei is this kind model.

China’s belletristic now mainstream also is this way, young Ge Liang is typical, the work majority that is affirmed now is such. Somebody thinks Chinese belletr上海千花网

istic work still is given priority to realistically now, it is actually realistically frame and modernistic mixed human nature view are illuminated and the union of skill is the mainstream. This circumstance the public is relatively actually diaphragmatic also, with the world belletristic situation is similar.

Belletristic global publication, read, the mechanism of interpreter, decide on awards through discussion is very stable also. Each national capital has his belletristic literature reward, these bear the palm person also have the international that gets through the interpreter read and affect. The reader in the institute that what this circle includes is major and relatively small the group of numerous lover. Be like Mo Yan to win a prize is by no means accidental, come for years, after his Chinese edition novel is published before long, the translation of all sorts of languages also meets the west subsequently and come, do not have this kind to be accumulated for a long time, receive such award far from possibly. The circle of Nuo award is the circle with belletristic international actually. As to the Chun Shu on the village, at the Chun Shu on the village, these year of center that is media and public hype all the time, on public fame he is in the whole world is great, but too popular, have the interest of popular writer, without the sort of belletristic mixed feeling, natural be hard to bear the palm. But Nobel literature award also should have public effect, because be carried every time on this village,come out. This also is very interesting thing.

Nobel literature award is inchoate the level is not actually certain, the person that win a prize is very diversiform also, ever obtained like historian or philosopher award. But these year stabilized gradually, basically be stable in bel爱上海

letristic circle, of bear the palm basically is there is reputation a lot of years in this circle, already the writer of success will come when conditions are ripe. As to Bob Dilunde award is an absolutely special case is mixed fasten case. It was become now belletristic with the public annual almost only point of contact. Some people say I also love to read, why to know the name of these bear the palm. This look is actually intelligible, resembling physics is we are in what apply in the life daily, but the theory of the physicist that wins nobel prize and name had not heard of. What its implementation is in is belletristic also already of height complication, contact with most public not quite. This analogy is impertinent of course, but also can understand this problem from this angle. The prestige of the fame that the key is small circle of people and big group is two different matters. But award can make Nobel literature annual a belletristic writer and public had be mixed place, he also had public reputation. Can say, nobel literature award is the point of tangency of the public and belletristic coincide, also give the whole world read what the life offerred a kind to differ to consult.

(origin: Zhang Yi fierce)

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