Holand surpasses France one elder sister saves changeover by 5 seeds win by a narrow margin of 5 game ball is entered 4 strong

Holand, si Haier holds Hengbosi in the palm – lo爱上海同城手机版

cal time on June 16, ricoh of Holand of 2017 sports season surpasses the contention that spread out final of female odd 1/4 publicly. Division of Su Lun of 7 seminal spy develops the sports meet outstanding, with 6-3 6-1 sweep anything away 2 seeds, last year sports meet runner-up Muladenuoweiji, strong promotion 4 strong.

Win by right of this, tesulunke enlarges record of bilateral fight hand to hand 5 get the better of 1 negative, among them a victory comes from stand at the上海千花社区

Akapuerke this year March, wu Kelan’s girl is at that time in finals two dishes of Wan Shengmu pull Denuoweiji, hold the tour of the 3rd WTA that had him profession profession in both hands to surpass pot of female odd champion.

This field match, tesulunke’s play is quite stable, rate of one hair goal maintains in 70% , two dishes made component of 10 get the upper hand of, at the same time only 9 blame get approach sex error. Cost in this only in matches, tesulunke was protected oneself serve 8 times entirely bureau, nuoweiji suffers Mu Lade to be not error of sex getting press tiredly at what he amounts to 24 times, serve bureau 4 fall.

I produce this game quite well, the say after Tesulunke is surpassed, very rejoice can protect bureau, be because of this in meadow match is very important. I know dozen of her way very much, so I just had done myself, hit an aggressiveness as far as possible, I think such strategy also got the r上海贵族宝贝交流区


Muladenuoweiji all shows the issue that gave to open bureau slow heat in two rounds of matches afore, this field match is not exceptional also. Tesulunke captured adversary begin to enter the chance with slower condition, head bureau obtain even below 4 minutes broken hair. Next the match, wu Kelan’s girl serves in his bureau expression is gotten dovish from beginning to end, protect continuously after hair, what bring score 4-3 is banner.

Till first dishes of the 8th bureau, muladenuoweiji serves in adversary first bureau force give broken hair to nod, but Tesulunke depends on high quality serve to dissolve the crisis one by one, call the small climax that falls 8 minutes repeatedly at a dash, protect belt broken 6-3 to take right-hand seat repeatedly dish victory.

Exploit a victory pursues and attack the 2nd dish of Tesulunke, two serve even broken adversary after the bureau, bu上海夜网

ild the lead dominant position of a 5-0. Although dimension of Mu Lade Nuo is上海贵族宝贝

strange,next do all one can protects one bureau, avoided to swallow the awkwardness of the egg, but 7 seeds also did not give her any chances agai上海千花网交友

n subsequently, efficient ground takes him serve bureau success contest, harvested to be over get the better of.

Tesulunke ever had hit this station match in 2013 sports season 8 strong, she enters this week further 4 strong, this also will be her the 3rd semifinal of this sports season. She will contend for finals to counterpoise especially with Estonian nova Kang Dawei, latter costs 59 minutes only with 6-3 6-1 beat easily Weitehefute promotes 4 strong.

In addition, health button rescues 5 seeds 5 game ball with 6-3/6-7 (4) / 7-6 (10) Luo Dina of win by a narrow margin, promotion 4 strong battle Russia small belle Wei Heyan fills in child, latter with Lu Si of cosset of mainland of 6-3/6-2 beat easily.

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