” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” real opportunity of single person mode is publicized piece rise to surface eventually

” divide fierce battle alarm 3 ” it is the beginning of the year of Microsoft next year one of main force of work of one party, but the distance is issued now also have 2 months time only, the company has not announced the real opportunity video of this game in great quantities, eventually the dried food was rolled out today. Have the aid of at IGN, in the light of ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” video of one Duan Shi machine appears eventually, showed the pattern of single person gut in game this. This paragraph of video introduced this series not only in celebrated content of long already battle of super hero style, still provided a few other detail: Be in except fierce battle alarm 3 in, the secret service part of every player has what its become independent to file file, and this the player’s located world also separative files file, the secret service that this means a player to operate can have independence at game world file alone, allow a player to read take different secret service archives to experience different world, enjoy different game operation feeling. Besides, countless enemies come to bloody battle of Jaxon of the part inside the game that Demo still showed Tairuikelusi the content that lets hostile Boss come on stage, this piece fights and just did not happen here, perhaps can appear between complete edition. The Joseph Staten of Microsoft atelier, be in charge of the aside of this paragraph of video and explanation, he states the company can be in next a few photograph inside Shanghaiguan that Zhou Li shares battle of concerned sheet person and much person mode in succession are allowed. ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” will land PC and Xbox One on Feburary 15.

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