” battleground 5 ” reduce major weapon newlier the greatest harm is attacked kill become more difficult

DICE was revised recently ” battleground 5 ” the harm of major weapon, let a player be beaten dead so quickly no longer, before at the same time this also means a player to commit murder to also be compared a few more difficult. As above graph, this is of all kinds weapon to human body the harm fold of each place, the rubric in bracket is the multiple before revising. Can see besides explode besides the head, the other position place that hits player body caused harm to have reduce. Be worth what carry is, canister gun and bolt type musket, the harm of these two kinds of guns did not get weakening, was not altered. DICE explanation says, the greatest harm of major weapon is reduced now, this is meant before using the weapon that suffers an effect to attack person of fight the enemy to want on average to compare multi-purpose a bullet. In addition, of partial weapon attack kill a distance to also be adjusted, specific the specification in seeing next pictures please. If you cannot suit this alter, you can be in match an interface to choose ” hard nucleus conquers ” server list amuse oneself. The picture comes from small Bo Bo advocate @fps contingent:

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