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In Lian Yuga when, somebody of classics regular meeting walks into an error, look in a lot of people for instance, lian Yuga must drill the movement of some of tall difficulty, the effect of such exercises gift is nicer, the fact is not such, big1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Movement of partial gem gal is very good do, and such gem gal movement also can have very good effect, especially the person with those body bad flexibility, must not do tall difficulty constrainedly movement, additionally a lot of people not1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Know practice one day how long gem gal gift is nice, detailed knowledge comes below.

How long do one day drill is gem gal best?

How long do one day drill is gem gal best?

1, Lian Yuga a day a few

According to purpose of the body condition with different everybody, age and exercise, training plan also has each different, had better be to practice 30 ~ everyday 4Fall in love with the sea

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5 minutes, just the flow with enough dredge main and collateral channels, additional oxygen, stimulative amiable blood, enhance vitality. Pose of exercise gem gal had better be stop before the feeling is fatigue. Muscle ache suggests after the exercise bubble hot bath, loosen adequately (do depth calmly to loosen or compensatory Morpheus Yi Ke) , plus massage, can eliminate exhaustion and ache. Accomplish feeling in the exercise keenly feel having sick at heart and tired feeling can drill all the same the following day just is proper practice. In the process that practices in gem gal, want the practice that escape breathes above all, emphasize the exercise of the posture. When practicing at the beginning, it is OK to practice every weeks 3 times, practice the left and right sides 60 minutes every time, when the posture that the body got used to gem gal, can practice everyday.

How long do one day drill is gem gal best?

2, optimal time of Lian Yuga

Early morning when, it is OK to brush a tooth to just got up the gem gal that does early in the morning to go up, this moment sunshine ability is strongShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Just rose from the earth case, sun’s rays line is not particularly strong, and the body was passed one all night accumulate, a lot of toxin already outside eduction body.

Less toxin remained inside the body, if this moment becomes the word of gem gal, can let the body keep clear of slowly the toxin inside body, most half an hour is commonly ten minutes OK.

Also can do gem gal in the morning, neverthelessShanghai Long Feng forum

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The strength that becomes gem gal in the morning should compare the strength in the morning a little a few stronger, because do gem gal in the morning,basically be to pass breath to undertake adiposeForum of Shanghai night net

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Absorb, do gem gal to be able to achieve the result of model body in the morning, make the body ceaseless energized, and the peristalsis that can strengthen each respects inside intestines and stomach.

If be the word that becomes gem gal afternoon, to taking a nap the phenomenon will have alleviate certainly action, do gem gal to be able to let work afternoon at the same time one morning the body becomes relaxed rise, when doing gem gal afternoon of course, also be to the body each local joint metabolic a kind correctional, e.g. , if have cervical vertebra disease, so exercising gem gal afternoon is best, it can regain cervical vertebra effectively former position.

How long do one day drill is gem gal best?

3, optimal age of Lian Yuga

Does exercise gem gal have the age to restrict? The answer is negative absolutely. The youth practices gem gal posture may suiting more, but they this young have energy, lack the power of exercise gem gal mostly so.

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