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The happening of every kinds of disease can have certain symptom, heighten of acute skull internal pressureShanghai Long Feng forum

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the meeting when phenomenal happening is more apparent, for instance clinical expression is have a headache, the meeting that after getting up in the morning especially, headaches is more apparent, be in even the case that there also can be dizziness when defecate forcibly; If happen thanForum of Shanghai night net

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More serious, can vomiting and consciousness produce an obstacle to wait happen, at that time must cure of timely seek medical advice.

 Heighten of acute skull internal pressure

The pathogeny

The commonnest cause is infection, head tumor of internal haemorrhage of anoxic, skull, brain.

Send ill mechanism

Below normal circumstance, essence of the head inside airtight cranial cavity, cerebrospinal fluid and cerebral blood flow are protectedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hold relatively constant. Make skull internal pressure is maintained inside normal limits. When content bulk increases a kind of any in hemal bed content inside the organization that be like a head, cerebrospinal fluid or skull, the cubage of content of the others content narrows accordingly or decrease with the heighten inside amortize skull. Contemporary countervail function exceeds his heighten of skull internal pressure can happen namely when the limit of acting countervail, serious when force partial head to organize built-in hole, form cerebral hernia, bring about centre sex to breathe exhaustion, breathe to stop suddenly even, endanger life.

Clinical expression

1. has a headache when rising early, weigh. Exert oneself to do sth. when cough, defecate or change a head when can make have a headache aggravating. The infant behaves irritating, shriek or take nob department, new student expression is goggle do not sleep and scream.

2. vomiting is not accompanied more disgusting, often vomit for eject sex.

Expression of 3. consciousness obstacle is dim, be addicted to sleeps or move restlessly, happen further convulsions and insensible.

4. head body asks for nervous apophysis of the Xin before the baby is visible, lose normal wave motion, xin is shut behindhand before, can skull bone seams fission.

Feature of 5. eye ministry but faintness of eye of diplopia, setting sun, vision, even blindness. Eye ground has oedema of double side-glance tit more, butShanghai noble baby

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The person that the Xin before the baby was not shut does not happen certainly.

6. life style asks for change systole to press most lift then pulse rate decreases first, section law is slow and breath is irregular. Life style asks for a change to because the head does press press be caused by,be, if cannot be treated in time, skull internal pressure will continue to rise produce cerebral herniaLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Size of occurrence pupil of 7. head hernia differs, disappear to reflection, insensible and aggravating, breathing section keep under control is not full stop suddenly even.

 Heighten of acute skull internal pressure

Remedial principle

Inchoate eliminate the pathogeny. Reduce skull internal pressure actively, the high pressure inside the skull to partial disease be caused by person, need puncture to put fluid or operation processing.

Obstacle of consciousness of processing of 1. emergency call is serious, when doubt has cerebral hernial risk, need to do tracheal spile to maintain spirit way unobstructed, paCO2 is maintained control in 3.3 ~ 4.7kPa, PaO212kPa. Fast vein infuse 20% manna are mellow, every time Lgkg, when hernia having a head is behaved but 2h gives drug. HaveNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Body of cerebral dry press press is asked for and symptom person, should go art of skull bore decompression. Also can make a head indoor or the puncture below meninx is mixed with reducing internal pressure of the skull that monitor.

2. reduces skull internal pressure to use tall ooze dehydrating agent, first selection 20% manna are mellow, every time 0.5 ~ Lg/kg, 6 ~ 8h repeats. To avoid large dose manna alcohol causes dehydration or vein pressing drops, can use albumin, plasma to wait at the same time maintain colloid to permeate pressure.

 Heighten of acute skull internal pressure

3. pathogeny treats purify cause of disease, prevent pathological changes development, if fight infection, correct shock aerates with anoxic, improvement, eliminate a pathological changes is occupied to wait inside skull.

If combat faint from fear,4. is treated to disease, control temperature. Maintain soda acid of water, electrolyte to wait evenly.

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