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Darling is in at ordinary times the resistance of the body is lower normally, the parent is need at ordinary times attentive caress, darling appears when coughing, be most the business that allows the parent to headache, coughing repeatedly is to suffer from more commonly went up bronchus infection, darling bronchus disease is common respiratory tract disease, if have treatment not in time, it is very easy development is become pneumonic, it is to need those who go to a hospital checking cure to look after children in time.

How does darling bronchus infection do?

How does darling bronchus infection do?

New student coming on bronchiticly can be urgenter also can be slow evolutional, cough is main show, just began a possibilityLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Meeting dry cough, may have later phlegmy. Cough reflectance is normally weaker, went down through pharynx ministry pharynx occasionally.

Besides cough clinical still have have a fever or serious when may have gas hurried or asthma side, a few darling can have kind of symptom of the digestion such as vomiting, diarrhoea, when if reach a hospital,examining system, the lung auscultation that the doctor can discover darling can hear news of a few dry sound of wet perhaps , to the new student bronchitic illness is lighter, can mix with medicine inside the home nurse.

How does darling bronchus infection do?

The child coughs repeatedly always how do bad

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Pear, rock candy, tendril-leaved fritillary bulb relies on pear petiole is traverse incision, dig go be being put after intermediate nucleus 2 to 3 rock candy, 5 to 6 tendril-leaved fritillary bulb, it is good to going all out to spell pear spell pear put a bowl in, on boiler evaporate is controlled 30 minutes can, cent second eat to darling. This square lung having profit, relieve a cough, expectorant action. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Present darling is had an insatiable desire for generally cool, heated up blow air conditioning, eating all the year round coldFall in love with the sea

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Cool fruit, the baby that has wind to heat up cough now so decreases apparently.

White turnip of water of the turnip that boil is abluent, cut 4 to 5 chip, put pannikin inside, increase half bowls of water, incendiary go up after be being burned, convert again small fire boils 5 minutes can. Etc drink to darling again after water is a bit cool, dry of hot cough of this square cure wind, nose dry pharynx, dry cough is little phlegmy effect is pretty good, the result that the darling of 2 years old of less than gets is better.

How does darling bronchus infection do?

How does bronchitic cough do?

1~3 year old darling, can feed honey to relieve the symptom of cough.

Do not suggest to 6 years old the following child has blame prescription to relieve a cough medicine, to bronchitic darling be more, use antitussive to be able to restrain the eduction of secretion, also should let darling be far from secondhand smoke, aerosol stimulates the symptom of easy aggravating cough.

Proper compensatory nutrition, children suffers from bronchitic when nutrient material is used up bigger, together with is calorific reach bacterial toxin to affect gastric bowel function, digest absorb undesirable, consequently lack of the nutrition inside little patient body nots allow to ignore. To this, the parent should adopt the method of a few much food to the little patient, give delicate, nutrition sufficient, allFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Judge easy digest absorption semifluid or fluidity food, like congee, boil juice of a thick soup of the noodle that appear, egg, fresh vegetable, fruit to wait.

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