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Article introduction

If indescribable appeared the symptom with aching heel, be about to consider at that time is sufficient hind the nerve of the root got injure. Because there also is many innervation in heel interior of the person, these nerve are relatively sensitive also, after be injured, can appear a series of heel problem. Especially old people fitness is poorer body immunity force is inferior also, go out1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Show nerve problem to be able to cause serious disease consequence. The remedial plan with effective what to have in the light of the symptom with aching heel so?

 Heel treats a method deeply

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The treats a method Chinese traditional medicine with painful heel is treated

1.1, sufficient with painful fume wash square

Material: ? Shape?0 rises, selfheal 60 grams.

Practice: ? ? of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of Pai of Shen of Xian of Ran  eye adds fry in shallow oil of right amount clear water 30 minutes, go next broken bits, enter medical juice the basin in, rejoin white vinegar

Usage: ?  of Qiao of vinegar of bud pregnant  namely?0 minute, fume everyday wash 1 times, insist to use 7 days.

1.2, sufficient with painful apply square

Material: ? Shape of Zhuo mansion  endowment heavy? Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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, the rhizome of chuanxiong 30 grams.

Practice: ? ? and the honey that wait for a portion, white vinegar changes to be moved into on humorous of  ㄜ racoon dog cream can.

Usage: ? Persimmon of Meng of dam of quarter stew  carries early morning of morrow of? of class of  of Qiao of Ku Tiao Mi to take off, use 7 days continuously.

Folk prescription one, 2 can use at the same time, fume first wash sufficient with again apply.

 Heel treats a method deeply

1.3, safflower loose wine

Material: ? Clumsy?00 milliliter, asian puccoon 9 grams, the root of herbaceous peony and angelica each 9 grams, safflower 15 grams.

Practice: ? Clumsy of tritium of Pai of Mu of ┎ of bursa of   instrument judges technetium  ? sealed put 7 days, go medicinal liquor of broken bits remnant.

Usage: ?  of Qiao of ψ of Ci of gourd ladle of ┚ of blown away by wind?

2, the treats a method operation cure with painful calcaneal

2.1, sufficient with spur resection

Follow character to stubborn sex painful, x piece confirm the person that have spur, everything is made in inside following character, enter with bone, spur of inside following character all file is divided.

2.2, art of bore following character

Tall to following bone internal pressure person applicable, the purpose is to make the internal pressure following character of heighten is reduced, treat what stubborn sex does not have spur to follow painful disease, still be in cut of inside following character, amount to after following character, will follow bone inside bore 7 ~ 10, the effect is amounted to 90% .

2.3, amputation of nerve following character

Stubborn to having a reason sex is sufficient with painful can use this method, it is a kind of ruinous operation nevertheless, the nerve after will following bone leg is raised and sural bowel nerve is raised cut off.

 Heel treats a method deeply

2.4, with resection of bone slippery bursa

It is to will follow bone tubercle slippery bursa and glide with bone bursa excision.

2.5, the osteotomy following character of flatfoot disease

The purpose is to pass bone of cut following character to make horn following character increases, of evaginate place with bone, make have a good biology support with bone.

3, the old person is sufficient want a place with painful attention

3.1, should not stand for long or ambulate, should avoid sufficient ministry excessive activity creates strain, additional, have morningFall in love with the sea

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The old person of experienced habit should reduce motion appropriately to measure.

3.2, avoid to wear hard low shoe. Sufficient the meeting is more aching if wearing hard low shoe again with ache, the old person should wear soft and certain shoe, can use the soft insole of hollow, reduce pain spot press press.

Sufficient how to do with painful rehabilitation training

1, of thenar muscle film pull pull training

Sit on the chair, capture toe to be pulled backward up with the hand pull, until thenar have pull pull feeling, the feeling is comfortable, maintain this pose 20-30 second, loosen next. This movement is a group 6 times, undertake 3 groups of training everyday.

2, towel is pulled pull training

Sit on the bed, unbend having a leg. Cover a towel the foot in you to go up, pull toward body direction help sufficient department, maintain knee joint unbend, can feel crus is rear have pull pull feeling, whole and thenar by sufficientA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pull. Hold second of this movement 20-30, loosen next, repeat 3 times, undertake 3 groups of training everyday. Whole pull pull a process to want light slow, avoid to produce ache.

3, stand crus triceps is pulled pull training

Side wall stands, will suffer from a leg to be extended backward as far as possible, lift before double arm help a wall up to come humeral level. Foreleg knee bends a bit, body pitch. Process middleman and guarantor holds hind leg unbend, calcaneal does not leave the ground as far as possible. Have after feeling crus pull pull when feeling, maintain 20-30 second. Should pull without insecurity pull when feeling, can raise pitch rate, till till crus nervous feeling appears. Everyday 3-5 group, every groups 3.

4, grounder trains

Use rubber ball serves as auxiliary. Crural barefoot suffers from to walk on rubber ball when the exercise, around rolls back and forth, the movement wants slow, let thenar and sufficient extend. Every time 5 minutes, loosen next, repeat 3 times, have 3 groups of standard everyday1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Experienced. The force that can walk through increasing, strengthen training difficulty.

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