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Article introduction

Dot is piquant make trouble is very normal thing, a lot of parents mirror oneself one year old half darling is particularly piquant, the darling of others home wants many quiet, is darling piquant be how to return a responsibility? The curiosity of child of specification of piquant make trouble compares dot strong, be willing to try to all things, parents’ OK and proper guiding the child, the business that allows the child to choose his to like should make the child’s strong pointShanghai noble baby

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 A year old of half darling is particularly piquant

One, 1 year old of darling are particularly naughty how to return a responsibility

The child is piquant, those who showed the child is clever with health, if be a disease1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
The child of voice, he won’t be very piquant, can appear dull, do not love to move. Piquant the nature that is the child, because of the child’s curiosityForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Particularly strong, the intention that can express to be willing to try to having many thing very much and behavior should learn to respect child development law, the development characteristic that does not take the child regards as the child’s defect, this is very important to the child’s development. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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2, how does special archness do 1 year old of baby

The sanitation with good nurturance is used to: The parent should help the child be washed frequently change garment pants frequently, put on the pants that shut crotch to the child as early as possible.

The environment with quiet activate: The room Ying Shaofang that if offer study,uses is sundry, put; of some of toy, books, stationery more timely close good door window, lest all round noise is exciting.

 A year old of half darling is particularly piquant

Hold control timeShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
: Do not let the child play game machine for long, when watching TV, let the child maintains certain distance and dominate time strictly.

Aggrandizement is correct behavior, hold to openly guiding: The child that does not takeShanghai noble baby

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Child sometimes if can set his mind at game and exercise, when can completing some work with companion collaboration, should give in time praise or if corporeal award; runs in disorder, cry greatly, criticism should offer when the mischief or abolish some kind of right.

Develop an activity, develop child interest: Use the child to love the characteristic that play, make him much attend a few interesting and the activity that needs patience and will, if build building blocks, play plasticene, game spelling a plan to wait, increase mobile enthusiasm, arouse their interest, extend the time of their activity, foster their good volition quality.

 A year old of half darling is particularly piquant

The article introduced darling one year old in detail how does special archness return a responsibility, and how should do. As a parent of 1 year old of darling, must be in darling is one year old when nurse is good oneself darling, otherwise unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first, do not know darling can appear how old danger, more do not know darling can enter a how old disaster.

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