[seeing a book headache is how to return a responsibility] _ has a headache – of _ what reason

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Be born or adult reads a book more at ordinary times is first-rate to the person, can increase the person’s experience, but although some people like to read a book, but see a book a little while can appear headachy phenomenon, letting a person is to cry very be troubled by, this kind of circumstance is very common phenomenon at ordinary times, most person has such experience, want to alleviate actually this kind of circumstance, at ordinary times need strikes a proper balance between work and rest, had better not use a brain every day.

 Seeing a book headache is how to return a responsibility

How is seeing a book headache to return a responsibility?

Appear this kind of symptom, probable because learn pressure to be brought about greatly too,be, because this wants to notice to strike a proper balance between work and rest, had adjusted oneself state of mind, loosen oneself appropriately, too great psychology pressure does not undertake rest more, cross paragraph of time to be able to improve. As a result of,additionally the consideration is neurasthenic those who cause, can take Gu Weisu, vitamin B1 and calm the nerves filling head juice will undertake nutrition is treated, can drink the exciting nerval drink such as coffee and strong tea less at ordinary times. The eye is additionally myopic, astigmatism, also can bring about appear headachy symptom, the proposal undertakes checking to ophthalmology.

One study headaches how to return a responsibility with the head

Student group.

Student period, use peak period of the head just about, learning everyday, but the arrangement that the school offers also is very reasonable, although study task amount is very large, but of that period body and brains accept study capability is very high, memory is tall also, unless be to use a brain excessive, exceeded far at ordinary times study quantity, body exhaustion brains also is met tired, just can appear headache.

 Seeing a book headache is how to return a responsibility

Below strange ill case.

If study volume is not high, won’t headache usually, whether does the disease on the body cause should eliminate first of course, for instance, the head learns to ache easily when catching a cold, or the head has other diseases to also can cause a head to ache. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Such circumstance falls to want to reduce study amount as far as possible, recover the body to rise as soon as possible, also want much exercise to exercise at ordinary times, ability has good constitution to help study.

Psychological element.

If not be the body,unwell cause of disease waiting for disease headaches because of what cause, so probable it is psychological reason. The first, do not love to learn. If appear not to love the psychology of study, be fed up with it, feel dull, uninteresting, but must learn again, such time grow to defy psychology with respect to meeting nurturance, mentally repulsion learns, if did not learn to understand at the beginning, it is very difficult perhaps to feel dull if learning, the head is natural uncomfortable, headache even. So, we should change be disgusted with to learn psychology from state of mind. The course that is not good at to oneself need notForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a netForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Criticize severely oneself, give oneself overmuch pressure, begin hard from a problem, every progress is greatest encouragement a minute to oneself.

Strike a proper balance between work and rest.

The homework of study or content really very difficult, below such circumstance, we say very cost head is fineForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Afterbirth, head solution does not drive an issue, nature is tired out, have pain feeling then. Should drop a course at that time, go out to breathe freely fully, perhaps hear music, loosen next mood.

Finger is massaged.

Because the problem of study caused a worry, the mood is bad, head blood circulates not free, can do do the head to massage hold, simple Yi Cao is made, oneself are pressed gently with finger abdomen press knead1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Scalp, feel calorific and scratchy till scalp.

Notice concentrated force.

When learning not to go in, can stop first, train him attention concentration. If make the same score when time is full, without plan and arrangement, the person’s spirit appears easily idle lax, concentrated force is not tall when work or learning. So, the life that gives oneself or study time well scheduling, strike a proper balance between work and rest, contented and full rise. No matter be busy,be being returned by day is idle, must learn to eliminate to disturb an element, when learning absorption study, and control the accident of study time. Nurturance good convention, the head learned with respect to so won’t easy repulsion.

 Seeing a book headache is how to return a responsibility

Attend physical training more.

Athletic movement goes more as far as possible when learning at ordinary times, dozen play a ball game, climb climb, swim, fitness is waited a moment, use up manual motion to be able to be done appropriately quite. After the body discharges sweat, wash a hot bath, head attention is special concentration, it is the good time of study.

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