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Commonner ophthalmic disease, although this kind of ophthalmic disease won’t cause particularly great harm to the patient, but to beautiful for also be to be affected quite big, a few people won’t judge strabismus possibly, actually bosseyed cent is two kinds of circumstances, the double eye that a kind of circumstance is a patient can assume the position of esotropia, a kind of circumstance is outside bosseyed, is how should be being judged so bosseyed? Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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How is judgement bosseyed

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How is treasure strabismus judged

Darling strabismus is intercommunity strabismus and paralytic sex strabismus in the cent on pathology, bosseyed likelihood is inherent, also may be acquired the habit that use an eye is undesirable cause. Intercommunity strabismus is to show darling will use an eye the day after tomorrow undeserved the visual sense that create is frame-up, but eyeball does not have athletic obstacle, see a thing won’t appear the phenomenal; that folds a shadow but if be inherent strabismus, it is paralytic sex strabismus likely very; returns companion to have eyeball at the same time athletic obstacle, see constant and thing double image, disgusting, dizziness. The specific means with judgement whether bosseyed darling is as follows:

1. eye line of sight measures a way

It is among darling eye ahead puts a book or picture, right now darling can see a book remember a picture, the eye can want to see well below natural state whether does the eye pupil position that literal; watchs baby at that time have outward or inward deflection. If pupil of darling double eye is among the eye the position is nonexistent bosseyed, but if darling among them deflection of position of an eye pupil makes clear is bosseyed; some moment darling eye is normal, but the head can be read accordingly slant gently side, this also is bosseyed expression.

How is judgement bosseyed

2. corneal spot tests a standard
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This test method should be used to to get together to be compared solelyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Center ground flashlight, place baby lie low, in darling bridge of the nose perpendicular illuminate reachs upper part darling eye, those who observe darling pupil glance the dot is in where. If glance the dot is in the middle of pupil demonstrative darling is nonexistent bosseyed, if glance the dot is not among pupil, outward deflection is outside inclinedFall in love with the sea

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Inspect, inward deflection is esotropia. But should notice to observe as soon as possible, use flashlight not for long point-blank darling eye, can injure darling eye.

How is judgement bosseyed

3. covers a method alternately

This is judgement darling eye is bosseyed simpler method, let darling center spirit to look attentively at a bit, obscure alternately early or late an eye of darling, the eye eyeball that if obscure,right now the vision of darling can produce metabolic; evenly makes clear without roll without strabismus, but if the eyeball of darling produces or so roll when be obscured,state darling eye is bosseyed. But darling eyeball can turn independently originally, but the eyeball of bosseyed darling can have apparent not controlled to in outward and abrupt roll of.

On 3 kinds of methods are the simplest and effective method that judges darling strabismus, in the pose using an eye that when darling uses an eye, also wants to correct darling error carefully at ordinary times, prevent occurrence eye disease.

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