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Blood pressure 152 it is the symptom that attributes high blood pressure, normal blood pressure limits is to be in 80 arrive 120 between, if exceed this range, so hemal the health that the pressure that get can affect the body, ifA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Blood pressure is high it is to may cause hemal cracked, and hypertension is one kind happens in in on the body of old people, need everybody to undertake medicaments is controlled in time, and should note oneself mood and dietary problem.

 Blood pressure 152 tall

Basis ” guideline of Chinese hypertension prophylaxis and treatment ” , hypertension is differentiate so

1, be less than 120 millimeter mercuric column when systole pressing, diastolic pressure is less than 80 millimeter mercuryForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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When column, blood pressure belongs to normal limits inside.

2, press interpose when systole at 120-139 millimeter mercuric column, and (or) diastolic pressure uprights at 80-90 millimeter mercuric column, it is normal that blood pressure is belonged to high cost.

3, be more than 140-159 millimeter mercuric column when systole pressing, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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And (or) diastolic pressure uprights at 90-99 millimeter mercuric column, attribute one class high blood pressure (spend) gently.

4, be more than 160-179 millimeter mercuric column when systole pressing, and (or) diastolic pressure uprights at 100-109 millimeter mercuric column, attribute 2 class high blood pressure (in spend) .

5, be more than when systole pressing 1Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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80 millimeter mercuric column, and (or) diastolic pressure uprights at 110 millimeter mercuric column, attribute 3 class high blood pressure (spend) again.

 Blood pressure 152 tall

Be worth when low pressure 102, high pressure is worth 152 when, hypertensive category is spent in been belong to. Need remedy of step-down of profess to convinced, cooperate diet and motion to adjust blood pressure. High blood pressure is great to the injury of the body, hypertensive patient is inchoate often do not have a symptom, or only dizziness, have a headache, the symptom such as palpitation, tinnitus, long-term hypertension is a when cause blood-vessel of heart, head and kidney pathological change main critical factor, if do not give,take seriously, may cause apoplectic, cardiac muscle to straighten dead to wait for common hypertensive complication with kidney function exhaustion.

Hypertensive patient keeps blood pressure in medicaments while, still should be in drink1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Feed on give take seriously, basically include:

1, the edible amount that limits sodium salt. ” south Chinese board forefinger (2016) ” proposal, his daily salt makes dosage should be less than 6 grams. The addition with the can remarkable addition of salt hypertensive incidence of a disease

2, the intake that increases potassium, calcic, magnesium. The food that contains a lot ofpotassium for example has apricot doing, hyacinth bean, bamboo shoot to wait. Rich calcic food is like grandma and milk products. Contain a lot ofmagnesian food to wait like dawdle, bean sprouts.

3, control energy is absorbed, decrease prandial and adipose absorb, increase high grade protein at the same time absorb. The male everyday optimal energy intake is in 1200-1600 kilocalorie, optimal energy absorbs the female in 1000-1200 kilocalorie.

 Blood pressure 152 tall

4, limitation drinks. Be drunk less as far as possible or do not drink, everyday drinkable alcohol quantity, the male does not exceed 25 grams, the female does not exceed 15 grams.

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5, absorb enough prandial fiber and vitamin everyday. For example daily increase intake of vegetable, complete frumentaceous.

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