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Believe a lot of people fear quite heart disease this disease, because heart disease is severe,menace arrived one the individual’s life. Especially to a few more severe heart disease, through changing a heart only ability is treated, and changing cardiac time, can produce particularly big effect to human body again. But heart disease has a lot of different kinds again, having a kind of kind among them is angina pectoris, but are many people interrogative is angina pectoris heart disease?

 Is angina pectoris heart disease

Heart disease is the floorboard of heart disease, included a lot of kinds heart disease, the common heart disease that rheumatism sex heart disease, hypertension is caused, coronary heart disease, etc, heart disease is the number one killer of our mankind health, the person of on the world 1/3 dies at heart disease, cardiovascular disease is blame Chang FuFall in love with the sea

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Miscellaneous, the cause that causes heart disease also is very much, but psychological element is holding the majority, if say,be the negative sentiment that relapses for a long time, with respect to cause heart disease very easily

Angina pectoris is the clinical expression of coronary heart disease, it is the common disease of old people or much hair disease, fatter in fat of old people, hypertensive, diabetic, tall blood, perhaps smoke the metropolis is very easy cause coronary heart disease, hairLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Give birth to angina pectoris, coronary heart disease is the typical report of hemal pathological changes of the whole body, it is coronary artery jams cause, this has immediate concern with common dietary habit, too fat, salty, heavy taste causes, angina pectoris is a kind of expression of coronary heart disease, also can saying is heart disease, because the coronary artery stricture, inadequacy that offer blood brings about cardiac muscle to be short of temporarily,basically be blood, anoxic hematic bosom is painful, the bosom is frowsty, because wet of excessive exhaustion, rage, shade is enraged,often wait for an element to cause unexpected show effect.

No matter be the heart disease of which kinds of type, the disease that if happen in the heart,goes up only, belong to heart disease, so angina pectoris also is a kind of heart disease, this follows the account that produce to matter namely, treat the heart disease that is which kinds of type, again of specific aim take control and therapy, the attention should be compared usually in the life, want to do right amount exercise, not OK excessive,

 Is angina pectoris heart disease

They compare patient of a lot of angina much is to carry the ball that save a heart, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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When because become,intentional angina appears they must contain the pill that save a heart the tongue to fall, the heart that just can let him is comfortable oneA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Dot, let them do not have so much aching generation. So to angina pectoris patient already diagnose, must followShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Carry the ball that save a heart personally.

The 2nd should notice what cause by heart disease to if her angina is, is perhaps say angina pectoris is the some among heart disease kind expression needs to notice so, because he has asthmatic appearance probably, if have these phenomenal need,arrive immediately hospital and doctor cooperate actively.

To angina pectoris patient the 3rd respect wants to know, namely at ordinary times when should eat vegetable of a few fruits more to our food, drink water more, if conditional can take a few calcium tablet, the cardiac motive force that prevents us is insufficient. So a few necessary nutriment are, we these patient place must!

Angina pectoris patient must reasonable life, should sleep early rise early, assure the Morpheus time that has 8 hours everyday, do not stay up late, food wants time ration, want to notice to drink plain boiled water more at ordinary times, do not drink the excitant drink such as coffee, strong tea, the movie that easy exciting mood does not see before sleeping or novel.

Angina pectoris patient also should notice food, should delicate give priority to, do not eat the food of acrimony stimulation, for instance chili, peppery, ginger, also do not eat the food that seafood delivers easily, for instance shrimp of sea fish, sea, chicken, cannot eat the food with fat, high cholesterol more, especially fat, pluck.

 Is angina pectoris heart disease


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Want to dominate oneself sentiment, optimistic mood is very important, still have even if want proper movement, can conduce to health of body and mind, insist for a long time to take exercise to still can enhance body immunity power.

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