[how does ulcer of darling tongue chalaza do] – of method of treatment of _ of child of _ ulcer _

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Ulcer of darling tongue chalaza is to belong to a kind of very common disease, and ulcer of chalaza of darling occurrence tongue can bring about ache of darling oral cavity easily, cause often dribble, or a few influences on food, the oral cavity that also can have caustic baby at the same time is healthy, and need of ulcer of chalaza of darling occurrence tongue has treatment in time, can have treatment with medicine, can undertake handling to the hospital.

How does ulcer of darling tongue chalaza do

How does ulcer of darling tongue chalaza do

Darling tongue ulcer is the circumstance of bleb sex stomatitis commonly, bleb sex stomatitis is infection of virus of a kind of pure herpes, see at mostLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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At the infant that 6 months reach two years old, any place produce oral cavity mucous membrane possibly into the vesicle of bunch, be like at the beginning is syringe needle size, draw near especially of lacteal grind one’s teeth on the forehead and point of gum predestined relationship are more obvious, , bleb bubble wall is transparent thinner, defeat before long break through the ulcer that forms simple table sex.

Can use disease-resistant bane thing, be like A Xiluo Wei and Libaweilin, the person that frequency is sent and perhaps break out relatively badly to having a relapse can choose to use immune adjustment remedy, for instance thymus element, zun Xuanmi Zun, local and OK use children opens larynx sword and Libaweilin gush agent, difficult to taking food can consider vein application liquid, compensatory liquid energy, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Maintain water electrolyte evenly

How does ulcer of darling tongue chalaza do

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It is what reason

There is ulcer to be in on the tongue paediatrics also be commonner, speaking and eat and drink when the thing, the place that comes up against cut is exceedingly aching, especially tongue ulcer place, so the child does not wish to have a meal, do not let the child eat excitant food in this kind of circumstance, give the child a few icy food more, for instance: Ice-cream, cold water, these mucous membrane that go up to the tongue can have paretic effect a bit, conduce to the child having a meal. Make the child much rest, drink water more, compensatory physical ability and water are divided.

Oral cavity ulcer and toothache are same, look ordinary, painful rise human life. And, if calorific, oral cavity is broken,still can cause by ulcer;burst;ulcerate;fester, the symptom such as uneasiness of inappetence, be agitated, Morpheus. Unluckily a lot of little baby1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can produce such situation from time to time, some parents did not cause enough attention to ulcer of darling oral cavity, him castration inn buys a few tin kind medicinal powder, the medicaments such as agent of watermelon frost gush will treat, such behavior is very impertinent.

The ulcer of the oral cavity ulcer of little baby and adult is two different matters, it is disease of sex of infection of virus of mucous membrane of a kind of oral cavity, the virus that cause disease is pure herpes virus (abbreviation HSV) , and the possibility that has recrudesce. HSV infection happens at the disease that place of oral cavity mucous membrane causes to call bleb sex stomatitis, see more at 6 years old of the following cheeper, especially 6 months are in the majority to two years old. After poison of catch a disease catch a disease is affected, because ache,darling is met and fretful uneasiness, cry be troubled by, refus is fed, salivate. Time grows, affirmative meeting affects the health of darlingLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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How does ulcer of darling tongue chalaza do

How does ulcer of darling oral cavity do

1, find cankerous place: When darling oral cavity has ulcer, want to observe the oral cavity of darling carefully, find the specific place of oral cavity ulcer. If ulcer is in place of buccal mucous membrane, be about to find the reason that causes ulcer further: See the tooth near affected part whether have the gap with not smooth acuteness for instance, if have this kind of gap, ought to take darling to go to a hospital handling.

2, food is demulcent: Do not eat acerbity, hot or salty food to darling, otherwise the cankerous place of darling will be more painful. Ought to eat to darling stream feed, in order to reduce ache, also be helpful for the heal that ulcer is in.

3, prescind force: Care darling more, mix more darling confabulate, divert his attention, create a relaxed, happy surroundings to darling.

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